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Multimac Media is a total production house. We are a complete team, capable of planning, shooting, editing anything from broadcast quality content to web-based videos. Whatever the project requires, we have access to a skill base to cover all aspects of your challenge.

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The value

Multimac Media takes ownership of your project and is accountable for a consistently high-quality end-product, ensuring the consumers the best value for money. The company has no high overheads, a further cost saving for clients.

We promote flexibility in working with the client and videos can be accessed by website on completion of the project, with no waiting for mail delivery for viewing.

The output

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Each project is managed using long-term, highly qualified staff. This ensures that the project meets timelines and budget to provide the best value for the client.

The company’s experience, in being able to quote to a fixed price, safeguards the consumer from hidden costs.

We have the skills and aim to deliver a quality output using our own high-quality equipment that ensures quality result. The Avid Symphony edit suite is used for high level editing output.



The experience

Our team of camerapeople, sound recorders, voiceover artists, editors, producers, animation specialists are specialists in their field and will provide the best possible outcome for value for money price.

We only work hire the best practitioners with great people skills, so there's no need for you to feel stressed with your on-camera experience. Our staff are very adept at being able to coach you to added confidence.