Recent work

Multimac Media is a full video production solution led by Steve McFie - a leading freelance cameraman in Brisbane.

"Steve has a natural rapport with our work force and always goes that extra mile to get the freshest angle, the most gripping shot and the sequence that tells the story we really want to tell." - Malcolm Paterson, Boggo Road Busway Alliance

rooftop production.jpeg


Multimac Media is a total production house. We are capable of planning, shooting, editing, or creating web-based videos. Whatever the project requires, we have access to a skill base to cover everything you'll need.



A CASA-certified drone operator with the latest in drone tech, if it flies and can hold a camera Steve has flown it or ridden it. Multimac Media will do whatever it takes to capture the most spectacular and informative imagery possible.



Every executive needs to be able to communicate effectively with the media, so our training helps you harness the power of the media. We focus on crisis management, key messages, presentation and the rules of journalist questioning.